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Les premières toiles de la collection Fringadine Essentielle

The first canvases of Fringadine’s Essentielle collection

It is between London and Paris that the House of ready-to-wear clothing Fringadine takes off.

Helen and Malika, the brand’s two young designers have developed a line of up-market clothing which is both discreet and unique in its style. Having a singular approach to beautiful garments that last and convey a story, the House created a timeless style departing from ephemeral fashion.


paris-en mouvement-fringadine


Fringadine reinvents tradition with a touch of poetry while combining beauty and sobriety. Its clothes are retro-chic steeped in notes of sweet nostalgia. The house’s ready-to-wear line offers a different interpretation of a moment’s wish, between style and the everyday, drawing inspiration from the influences of the past. Fringadine’s wardrobe reflects the image of today’s woman, modern, yet simple and authentic.


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The philosophy of the House is to offer exclusivity and rarity with a production runs in a Slow-Fashion pace to value artisanal craftsmanship

Each garment is the result of a well thought-out, tried and adjusted prototype to ensure optimal result from the workshop.  The brand is well aware that quality and working conditions have a price, hence it will not compromise on the quality of the fabrics and the worth of their tailors’ craftsmanship

Indeed behind each Fringadine piece lies the concept of ethical fashion – where creativity meets moral values.  This is why both Helene and Malika have preferred to run their business in a slow-fashion pace well away from the fast-fashion and mass production culture. Because this process takes time, Fringadine has chosen to produce capsule collection made of less than 10 pieces per season and in a very limited edition.  Moreover, each piece is manufactured in Paris so to encourage designers to produce fashion that is sustainable, which supports local communities and the promotion of artisanal craftsmanship



Wearing a Fringadine garment is wearing a cherished piece that respects the codes of simplicity, ethic and resists the demands of an ever-changing fashion.

Fringadine garments are truly essential items to be found in the wardrobe of any stylish woman, by the elegance of their cuts, their quality and their timeless colours. Garments that you will not want to forget at the bottom of a wardrobe, easy to wear with a scarf and which, once in private, subtly underline your femininity.



Wearing a Fringadine piece is not only wearing a beautifully crafted garment but also a healthier and more respectful mind set towards consumption, people and the planet.